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RMM  Tile & Flooring is a mission-focused full-service flooring& tile company that was founded in January of 2014. With over 8 years of combined industry experience, our firm offers a wide range of flooring/ tile and other trade solutions tailored to the needs of our clients in both government and commercial environments. We have also grown into construction services, including, general office renovation, commercial and residential interior renovation; interior construction repair; general repair and alteration work. We have grown since our humble beginnings. While our growth has been substantial, we continue to move forward with our focus on excellence in our service delivery. 


Creative Experts

We are one of the elite tile & flooring companies in Denver, CO. We understand the importance of developing relationships with our customers to understand the immediate needs of a project, time lines, and project budgets. Our stellar track record exists because of our firm’s ability to provide excellence from start-to-finish. We have also earned the respect of industry professionals because of our ability to match the project requirements with practical products that meet both aesthetic and functional demands. 


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

How can we assure you our installers are qualified? We’re not any ordinary referral service. Our installers are certified in tile & flooring and other trade experience you may require. All of our installers are insured, experienced and reliable and is required to pass a criminal background check.

We also provide a minimum one ( 1) year limited installation warranty, which will remain in place even after completion of project. 

RMM Tile & Flooring is Bonded & Insured 

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RMM Tile & Flooring - Bonded & Insured

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